1. The Anglican Breviary - reprint of Frank Gavin Liturgical Foundation 1955 Edition!
  2. The First English Prayer Book
  3. 1928 Book of Common Prayer (Burgundy, Hard Cover)
  4. Daily Office Readings: Volume One (Kindle Edition)
  5. Daily Office Readings: Volume One (hardcover, paperback)
  6. Daily Office Readings: Volume Two (Kindle Edition)
  7. Daily Office Readings: Volume Two (Hardcover, Paperback)
  8. Questions on the Daily Office Readings(Hardcover, paperback, Kindle & iPad versions)
  9. DAILY OFFICE HANDBOOK (iPad Edition)coming soon!
  10. A Short History of the Western Liturgy - by Theodor Klauser
  11. Documents of the English Reformation - by Gerald Lewis Bray
  12. Shape of the Liturgy - by Dom Gregory Dix
  13. 1940 Hymnal (PECUSA)
  14. The Collects of Thomas Cranmer
  15. Anglican or American Missals are avalable from "Anglican Parish Association". For information or to purchase, telephone them directly at (706) 546-8834 
  16. Glorious Battle: The Cultural Politics of Victorian Anglo-Catholicism - by John Shelton Reed
  17. The Cruelty of Heresy: An Affirmation of Christian Heresy. - by FitzSimons Allison
  18. The Complete Works of Richard Hooker (two-volume set)
  19. The Vision Glorious: Themes and Personalities of the Catholic Revival in Anglicanism - by Geoffrey Rowell
  20. Marginal Catholics: Anglo-Catholicism, a Further Chapter of Modern Church History - by Ivan Clutterbuck
  21. Conforming to the Word: Herbert, Donne, and the English Church Before Laud - by Daniel W. Doerksen
  22. Anglican Orders: Essays on the Centenary of Apostolicae Curae - edited by R. William Franklin 

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