1. Authorized King James Version With the Apocrypha- A Basic KJV Bible with the Apocrypha
  2. KJV Standard Reference Edition With Apocrypha - A Study and Reference KJV Bible with the Apocrypha (Black Calfskin)
  3. New Testament in Modern English (Student Edition) - by J. B. Phillips
  4. The Catholic Bible : New American Bible/Personal Study
  5. New Jerusalem Bible/Regular Edition
  6. Questions on the Daily Office Reading - (hardcover, paperback)
  7. Questions on the Daily Office Readings (Kindle Edition)
  8. Daily Office Readings, Volume One(Hardcover, paperback)
  9. Daily Office Readings: Volume One (Kindle Edition)
  10. Daily Office Readings, Volume Two (Hardcover, paperback)
  11. Daily Office Readings: Volume Two (2nd Edition w/ Questions)NEW
  12. Questions on the Daily Office Readings (Hardcover, paperback, Kindle & iPad)
  13. DAILY OFFICE HANDBOOK (iPad)... coming soon!

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