1. Brief History of the Episcopal Church- by David L Holmes
  2. Abandonment to Divine Providence2 - by Jean-Pierre de Caussade
  3. Christianity on Trial : Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry by Vincent Carroll, David Shiflett
  4. After the Apostles : Christianity in the Second Century - by Walter H. Wagner
  5. A History of the Church in England - by John R.H. Moorman
  6. Apostolic Fathers (Outstanding Christian Thinkers) - by Simon Tugwell
  7. The Apostolic Fathers - J. B. Lightfoot,Michael William Holmes (Editor)
  8. Ecclesiastical History of the English People - the Venerable Bede
  9. A History of Christianity - by Owen Chadwick
  10. A History of the Christian Church - by Williston Walker
  11. The Spirit of the Oxford Movement : Tractarian Essays - by Owen Chadwick
  12. The Reformation (Penguin History of the Church, Vol 3) - by Owen Chadwick
  13. Jesus Through the Centuries : His Place in the History of Culture - by Jaroslav J. Pelikan
  14. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church - E. A. Livingstone, Elizabeth A. Livingstone, F. L. Cross (Editors)
  15. The Oxford Dictionary of Saints - by Donald Farmer
  16. A History of Christian Missions - by Stephen Neill
  17. The Rise of Christianity - by W.H.C. H. Frend
  18. The Church and the Age of Reason 648-1789 (Penguin History of the Church, Vol 4) - by Gerald Cragg
  19. The Church in an Age of Revolution (The Penguin History of the Church Vol 5) - by Vidler
  20. Faith of the Early Fathers (3 Volumes) - by William A. Jurgens
  21. The Penguin Dictionary of Saints- by Donald Attwater
  22. Trinity and Incarnation : The Faith of the Early Church - by Basil Studer
  23. Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages - by R. W. Southerm

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