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NEWDaily Office Readings: Volume Two (2nd Edition w/ Questions)NEW

(Note: Volume Two contains Trinity Season's readings)

Spiritual Resolve PDF

Stations of the Cross: A Six Week Examination

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Daily Office Readings: Volume One (2nd Edition w/ Questions)

Questions on the Daily Office Readings (Kindle Edition)

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Volume One Volume Two Questons

Questions on the Daily Office Readings (1928 BCP) - This hard bound and/or paperback edition is, along with the other books listed on this page, for the serious student of Holy Writ who is using the Daily Office Lectionary as contained in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Written by Bishop McMannes, this book provides questions based on the Daily Office readings for the entire year. The questions aid the individual in making a spiritual resolve for growth after having read the passages and answered the questions. Gives insight to both laity and clergy. 165 pages Hardcover, Paperback editions.

Daily Office Readings Volume One (1928 BCP) & Daily Office Readings Volume Two (1928 BCP) are offered in both hard bound and paoerback editions, and are based upon the Daily Office Lectionary of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Lessons are the Authorized (King James) Version. Volume One (721 pages) covers Advent through Whitsuntide, while Volume Two (729 pages) covers the whole season of Trinity. Hardcover and Paperback editions.

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Volume One
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Volume Two
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The two books shown above are exclusively for the iPad, and are viewed using iBooks. They contain the following:

- Beautiful pictures throughout
- Morning & Evening Prayer from both the 1928 BCP & the Sedona Rite
- The readings (Authorized Version, KJV)
- The Sunday Mass Propers (Collect, Epistle, Gospel)
- Daily Collects posted
- The 30 Day Psalter

All of the above make these two books the "full package" for people who are serious about reading the Daily Office!

How To Use a Smartphone to pray the Daily Office

This is an instruction video for those who pray the Daily Office "on the run" and therefore cannot always access the computer or have their prayerbooks and Bibles with them. Now you can do the Offices from your Droid or IOS smartphone. And, if your tablet has a 3G or 4G connection, you can use that, also. However, we at believe that the larger smartphones are just as good as a tablet, and certainly more easily transportable! We hope you will like this new way of praying the Office as much as we do. Let us pray. Daily.