1. New Testament History - by Frederick Fyvie Bruce
  2. New Testament Documents : Are They Reliable? - by Frederick Fyvie Bruce
  3. Hard Sayings of Jesus - by Frederick Fyvie Bruce
  4. Introduction to the New Testament  - by Werner G. Kummel
  5. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah - by Alfred Edersheim
  6. Sketches of Jewish Social Life - by Alfred Edersheim
  7. Pauline Christianity (Oxford Bible Series)  - by John A. Ziesler
  8. Reading the New Testament : An Introduction - by Pheme Perkins
  9. The Apostle Paul : An Introduction to His Writings and Teaching  - by Marion L. Soards
  10. The Canon of the New Testament : Its Origin, Development and Significance   - by Bruce Metzger
  11. The Evidence for Jesus - by James D. Dunn
  12. The Gospels and Jesus (Oxford Bible Series)  - by Graham N. Stanton
  13. The Origins of Christianity : A Historical Introuction to the New Testament (Oxford Bible Series)  - by Schuyler Brown
  14. The Real Jesus : The Misguided Quest for for the Historical Jesus and Truth of the Traditional Gospels - by Luke Timothy Johnson
  15. The Synoptic Gospels : Conflict and Consensus- by Keith Fullerton Nickle
  16. The Text of the New Testament : Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration  - by Bruce Metzger 
  17. Questions on the Daily Office Readings (1928 BCP) - by David McMannes
  18. Daily Office Readings, Volume One (1928 BCP) - Covers Advent through Whitsuntide
  19. Daily Office Readings: Volume One (Kindle Edition)
  20. Daily Office Readings, Volume Two (1928 BCP) - Covers Trinity Season
  21. Daily Office Readings: Volume Two (Kindle Edition)

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