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Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

V. We adore thee, O Christ, and we bless thee.
R. Because by thy Holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world.

The cross is laid upon the ground and Jesus is stretched upon his bed of death. At one and the same time he offers his bruised limbs to his heavenly Father in behalf of sinful men, and to his fierce executioners to be nailed by them to the shameful wood. The blows are struck! The Precious Blood streams forth!

O Jesus! nailed to the cross, fasten our hearts there also, that they may be united to thee until death shall strike us with its fatal blow, and with our last breath we shall have yielded up our souls to thee.

Act of Contrition

O God, we love thee with our whole hearts and above all things and are heartily sorry that we have offended thee. May we never offend thee any more. O, may we love thee without ceasing, and make it our delight to do in all things thy most holy will.

OUR Father.
HAIL, Mary

V. Have mercy upon us, O Lord.
R. Have mercy upon us.

+ May the souls of the faithful, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen..

Those five wounds of Jesus smitten,
Mother! in my heart be written,
Deep as in thine own they be.


From pain to pain, from woe to woe,
With loving hearts and footsteps slow
To Calvary with Christ we go.

See how his precious Blood
At every Station pours:
Was ever grief like His?
Was ever sin like ours?