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O merciful Saviour, grant that while we follow Thy blessed footsteps along this Way of Sorrow, our hearts may be so touched with true contrition that thou mayest turn our weeping into gladness by giving us remission of all our sins. Amen.


O Jesus, our adorable Saviour, behold us prostrate at thy feet, imploring thy mercy for ourselves and for the souls of all the faithful departed. Vouchsafe to apply to us the infinite merits of thy passion, upon which we are now about to meditate.

Grant that, while we trace this path of sighs and tears, our heart(s) may be so touched with contrition and repentance, that we may be ready to embrace with joy all the crosses and sufferings and humiliations of this our life and pilgrimage. Amen.

The following may be added:

O most sorrowful Mother Mary, who first followed in the way of the cross, may the Most Adorable Trinity, through thy most powerful intercession, receive and accept, in reparation for our sins, and the sins of the whole world, the affections of sorrow and love, with which we intend, with God's help, to perform this holy exercise. Amen.

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