Today's Saint (October 6): Bruno

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Bruno was born at Cologne around 1030. He was a lecturer in theology at the cathedral school at St. Cunibert's, Cologne. He subsequently left this post and, along with a few of his friends, became a hermit in the mountainous land of the Chartreuse.

From this experience grew the Order of the Carthusians, which emphasized penance, poverty, solitude and contemplation. Bruno died in 1101.

In our materialistic age, it is hard for many to fathom giving one's life to prayer and contemplation. However, as believers in Christ, we most assuredly realize that our destiny is eternal, not temporal, and Bruno encourages us to focus on the eternal while living in the world.

The painting, an oil on panel, was done by the 15-16th century Italian artist Girolamo Marchesi.

"Blessed is the man that is found without blemish: and hath not gone after gold" (Ecclus. 31:8). (The day's epistle, page F 29, The People's Anglican Missal).

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