Today's Saint (October 24): Raphael the Archangel

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Raphael, whose name means "God has healed," is one of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible, namely from the Book of Tobit. Because his name is attributed to healing, he has also been identified as the angel who would stir the waters in the healing pool in Jerusalem (John 5:1-4).

It is fitting that the archangel Raphael's feast day closely follows Saint Luke's, who himself healed others. Pray that Saints Raphael and Luke will intercede for those who have been injured spiritually by errant followers of Christ.

The above picture, which is in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was done by Domenico Feti (1620) and shows Raphael healing Tobias.

"An Angel stood at the altar of the temple, having a golden censer in his hand: and there was given unto him much incense: and the smoke of the incense ascended up before God" (Rev. 8). (From the day's offertory, page E 127, The People's Anglican Missal).

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