Today's Saint (May 7): Stanislas, Bishop and Martyr, Patron of Poland

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Saint Stanislas was born in Poland and consecrated bishop of Cracow in 1072.

He is the patron of Poland, and was known for his fervent preaching of the Gospel, for his almsgiving to the poor, and for his refusal to compromise the Faith on issues concerning morals.

The king of Poland, Boleslas II, murdered Stanislas in response to Stanislas' reprimand of him for the abduction to the palace of a nobleman's wife and for the harsh rule he meted out on his subjects.

Tradition says that the king killed Stanislas with his own hand, while the saint was celebrating mass.

Stanislas's life and stedfastness makes us moderns contemplate, "What am I willing to do, for the defense of the Faith?"

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