Today's Saint (March 27): John Damascene

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John Damascene

John, a confessor and Doctor (c. 675 - c. 749) and surnamed Damascene (or of Damascus), lived under Muslim rule.

One of the Doctors of the Church, he is remembered for defending the preservation of icons at a time when Muslims and other Iconoclasts ("destroyers of images", in Greek) were doing their dastardly deeds.

One of his most important theological works, "De Fide Orthodox" - which is part of his larger work, the 'Fount of Wisdom' - deals with the Incarnation and of the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Because of his orthodox understanding of the Incarnation it follows that he would be a defender of . . ".the honour of holy images, having been endued by God with,heavenly learning and wondrous strength of spirit." .(The day's collect, page E 45, The People's Anglican Missal).

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