Today's Saint (June 14): Basil the Great

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Basil the Great

One of the Cappacodian Fathers, Saint Basil (C. 330 - 379) was born at Caesarea in Cappadocia. His brother was Saint Gregory of Nyssa and his sister Saint Macrina.

Basil was a brilliant theologian, a founder of monasticism and a devout bishop.

While receiving his education at the highly esteemed schools in Constantinople and Athens, he befriended Gregory Nazianzus, who no doubt influenced his decision to choose the monastic life.

Later he was made bishop of Caesarea. Basil is recognized for his significant contribution on the development of dogma regarding the Holy Ghost.

His efforts provided the Church protection against those Arians who tried to deny the full divinity of Christ by denying the full divinity of the Holy Spirit.

Basil's labour for Christ was instrumental in keeping the Church from being torn asunder during this heretical time.

Pray for more such defenders of the Faith.

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