Today's Saint (January 17): Anthony of Egypt

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Anthony of Egypt

Saint Anthony (a.k.a. "Antony") is known as the father of "cenobites," or those monks who live in common with others. At first Anthony lived alone in the desert, but his holiness drew many to him.

He, like Saint Paul the First Hermit (whom he is said to have visited), taught the divine kingship of Christ, during a time in which Arianism was drawing many away from the Faith and God's grace. He died around the year 356.

God's grace gave Anthony the ability to, as the collect at his mass prays, "neither to look back nor go astray from the way, but hastening to thee without stumbling, may attain the crown of eternal life" - an efficacious prayer for us all. (propers on F33, People's Anglican Missal)

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