Today's Saint (December 7): Ambrose: Bishop, Confessor & Doctor

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Ambrose of Milan

Saint Ambrose (c. 339 - 397) was born in Trier, the son of the Pretorian Prefect of Gaul, became involved in politics and in 370 he was made Governor of Aemilia and Liguria, at Milan.

Following the death of an heretical Arian bishop, Ambrose became instrumental in maintaining peace at the convention responsible for electing the successor bishop.

Pious tradition holds that at the assembly the voice of a child shouted that Ambrose should be made bishop, and that that motivated the crowds to acclaim the same. Although Ambrose was not even baptized, this did not deter his admirers from quickly baptizing and consecrating him bishop.

During his episcopate, he strongly opposed heretics, forced the powerful Roman Emperor Theodosius to repent and do penance for his massacre of innocent men, women and children, was instrumental in the conversion of Saint Augustine, and enriched liturgical worship.

May God raise up men for the office of bishop who are motivated not for power but to serve and feed our Lord's flock.

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