Today's Feast (December 13): Lucy, Virgin and Martyr

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Saint Lucy, Virgin

Lucy, whose name means "light," died a martyr's death during the Diocletian persecutions of 303. Her holy life and martyrdom can be found in the earliest Western and Eastern liturgical books.

Pious tradition holds that she was born of a wealthy Sicilian family. She refused marriage and was handed over to the authorities by her suitor. She was later killed by the sword.

Saint Lucy is venerated because she openly proclaimed her faith, distributing her wealth to the poor at the height of the Diocletian persecution.

"The five wise virgins took oil in their vessels with their lamps: and at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom cometh: go ye out to meet Christ the Lord." (Matt. 25). (The day's gospel, page F 40, The People's Anglican Missal)

The accompanying picture was painted by Domenico di Pace Baccafumi (1486-1551)

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