Psalm 129. Saepe expugnaverunt.
MANY a time have they fought against me from my youth up, * may Israel now say;
2 Yea, many a time have they vexed me from my youth up; * but they have not prevailed against me.
3 The plowers plowed upon my back, * and made long furrows.
4 But the righteous LORD * hath hewn the snares of the ungodly in pieces.
5 Let them be confounded and turned backward, * as many as have evil will at Sion.
6 Let them be even as the grass upon the housetops, * which withereth afore it be grown up;
7 Whereof the mower filleth not his hand, * neither he that bindeth up the sheaves his bosom.
8 So that they who go by say not so much as, The LORD prosper you; * we wish you good luck in the Name of the LORD.